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Nostalgia, thy name is 'Durga Puja' ... for all of us, who has built a new home away from 'home'!

It's that time of the year ... when a quaint and wistful, often inexplicable desire grips all of us. The resounding beats of drums, the indispensable ‘Dhaak’, a familiar whiff of coconut fiber smoke! The all-pervasive aura of ‘Dhunuchi’ and the falling dusk miles and miles away… deep in our hearts, we yearn to go back in time to arrest those moments of euphoria back “Home”. The rush of memories often become achy and the longing to go ‘Home’ overwhelming!

In the year 2009, a handful of Bengalis in Oslo endeavoured to conceive ‘a Home away from Home’. To create the splendour of Durga Puja in this far-away land in Scandinavia, they dared to dream big- they decided to take the stride and start a modest celebration of Durga Puja in Oslo. Their positive enthusiasm was indulged by a few more enthusiasts who couldn’t help but respond to the fervent longing for festivity, especially around this time of the year.

Over the years, we have grown in numbers, we have upped the ante in celebration too: we have diverse cultural programmes and activities all through the three days of Durga Puja. And, this year too, our enthusiasm to celebrate Durga Puja knows no limits! Our fervour and excitement is galore! The journey continues, the preparations are on and we are eagerly looking forward to each one of your participation to glorify our celebration. And, hence, not just the Bengalis, but, we extend our heartiest welcome to everybody who wishes to be a part of this unique experience. We welcome each one of you! Come and take home memories that you will cherish forever!

To know more about us, please read an article written by one of our members which was published in a literary magazine in India.